Laureen Rahn

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Laureen Rahn: Charley Project


April 26th, 1980 Judith Rahn comes home to an unlocked door with her daughter in bed around 1:00am. Around 3:00am she checks on her daughter and discovers that it is not Laureen but her female friend.

She goes on to state that Laureen had been drinking with another guy and Laureen told this female friend she was going to sleep on the family room couch.

This male friend stated he left when he heard noises in the Hallway. This male later committs suicide 5 years later.

Investigators found out that ALL the light bulbs have been purposely unscrewed on ALL three floors.

In October of 1980, Judith gets 3 calls charged from Motels in California. First 2 from Santa Monica and the latter from Santa Ana. The Santa Ana call was traced to a physician who ran a teen sex hotline. He denied knowing anything until 5 years later he stated that runaways would frequent his home. A pornstar named Annie Sprinkle was stated as might knowing Laureen as she worked with his wife.

The Santa Monica calls were traced to a location where a supposed “Dr. Z” conducted his child pornography business.

There has been sightings but nothing tangible.

Strange Coincidences

  • 6 weeks later 30 year old Denise Daneault disappears only 2 blocks away from Laureen.
  • Denise was said to have had a similar appearance to Laureen
  • 1 year later after Laureen disappeared another girl went missing. Denise Beaudin.
  • Denise Beaudin was about a mile from Laureen.
  • The serial killer who was responsible for Denise Beaudin’s disappearance also lived a few blocks away from all 3 girls. (Terry Rasmussen)

My Investigation

I had managed to locate and speak to Roger Maurais. The former boyfriend and individual whose mother answered a phone call from a girl claiming to be “Lori” or “Laureen” 6 years later. Here were some of his insights:

  • Laureen would almost always use the back door. Not the front.
  • Her mother Judith would like to yell a lot and would make Laureen work on chores as soon as she got home.
  • Laureen was pretty, but she was a quiet girl.
  • Although separated, Laureen would still constantly write about Roger in her diary

Next, I stumbled upon a Reddit post from a user claiming to be the daughter of the female friend in the bed. This post came from an account with only 1 post. I had to corroborate it.

I was able to work backwards and find the name of this poster from her supplied email. Jordan Castle. I was able to Locate a Jordan in Manchester and her mother Kristin Castle (first name was revealed from post)Jordan’s Reddit Post

  1. I spoke with Jordan confirming her as both the original poster and that the girl in Laureen’s bed was indeed Kristin Castle.
  2. I confirmed Kristin’s location and used that to call her up. She was very rude and denied knowing Laureen Rahn before hanging up abruptly.

I spoke again to Roger. He fully believes that Kristin is the girl. Personally, it is peculiar to hang up the phone for a case like this. We think she is hiding something.

Because of her daughter’s loose lips, we now know that there were in fact 2 males at the scene. This is contradictory to all accounts that say only 1 male.

I also managed to locate Laureen’s mother. She seemed skeptical of my intentions and wasn’t too thrilled (I feel bad for this). However, the mother confirmed the identity of Kristin and the 2 males being there.


  1. The first theory is that she was abducted to a child pornography ring in California. We would have to assume a lot since there was no signs of struggle and things like this are extremely rare.
  2. My personal theory is the 2nd male did something. Kristin also knows a lot more than she has been telling out of either fear or malice. The unlocked front door would explain the males leaving the house and not knowing to lock it. The back door open explains how Laureen would almost always use the back door. Seeing as the males were in a rush, Laureen would not have time to put her shoes on. Laureen must have ran out and was taken by one of the males.

**The other question that needs to be addressed is why would Kristin be asleep when 2 males were over? If it was only 1 it would make sense that she would give privacy. But not 2.

**Also, if Laureen did in fact run out to chase the males who had left, it is safe to assume all 4 people were up and interacting. This would totally disprove Kristin’s statement on being asleep.


Denise Daneault – Disappeared 6 weeks after Laureen. Resembles Laureen and only 2 blocks away. (Possible Connection to Terry Rasmussen)

Denise Beaudin – Disappeared ~1 year after Laureen. Definite Connection to Terry Rasmussen.

Terry Rasmussen – Serial Killer who lived less than a mile from Laureen. Known for the Bear Brook Murders.


Out of all the potential evidence, what do you personally think happened to Laureen?

If not California, how do you explain the coincidence of a teen sexual assitance hotline from a physician who hosted runaways and possible child pornography?

Do you believe a mother who comes home and yells at her kids and makes them do chores is really abuse?