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Witchcraft has always had a tight hold on humanity. We tell our children cautionary tales about forest dwelling hags, we write books dedicated to hunting these beings, and we have modern religions based around the fundamentals of witchcraft. Though it’s practices and elements have changed between different time periods and cultures, it is a practice that is deeply intertwined throughout our history and evidence of witchcraft can be found in every civilization.
In the early-to-mid 1600s, Massachusetts lived in fear of the supernatural. Living in this strict religious society, if one was accused of consorting with the Devil, blood would be shed.
It is from this period where we take our material for the week. This week Zev, Tyler and Patrick sit down to talk about the 2016 period film The Witch (stylized as THE VVITCH) and briefly speak about the 1993 film Hocus Pocus. Join us through the witching hour as we discuss the haunting atmospheres, religious elements, and personal anecdotes.

With, Zev, Patrick, and Tyler

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