Biological Control & Bioweapons: S4 EP37

Johnny and Reinhart are joined once again by AstroFash for an in depth discussion of Biological Weapons, their origins, and their uses. Lots of interesting and also terrifying facts surround these weapons. Can they be used to control populations? Who is manufacturing them and why? What first world nations refuse to sign the Bioweapon Convention Treaty? (I’ll bet you can guess) Have they been used in the past and are we in danger of having them used on humanity again? This might not be the most /comfy/ discussion, but most definitely worth the listen. Enjoy!

With: Johnny Monoxide, Bradshaw Wilson

Special Guest: AstroFash

Music Break: Reload the Weapon, by Bioweapon

Creepypasta: A Warning From the Future, read by Johnny Monoxide

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