Spiritualism S4 EP17

Have you ever seent a ghost? Maybe you’ve talked to one. Maybe you heard some strange sounds in the middle of the night. Maybe you asked the ghost of your dear old gram-gram to cure a hang nail. Maybe you have never tried to talk to a spirit, but you’d be surprised who in modern history has – Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, and many other historical figures dabbled in spiritualism: the idea that there are disembodied spirits in the world which can talk to you or cause physical changes in the “real world”. Join us with our guest Tyler, a long time friend of the show, to discuss this seemingly strange idea and how it is impacted history – sometimes in ways you’d never had guessed.

With: Johnny Monoxide, Adam Haidt

Guest: Tyler

Music Break: Truth of Blood, by Halindir

Creepypasta: Awakening, read by Johnny Monoxide

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