A Sitchin Situation: The AAQ Pt. 1 S5 EP5

Who were they? Why did they come? What did they leave behind? Where did they go? Will they return?

These are the questions posed by “Ancient Astronaut Theorists” like Giorgio Tsoukalos, David Michael Childress, Graham Hancock, Robert Schock, NIck Pope, Richard Dolan, Lloyd Pye, Erich von Daniken, and the grand master of the meme, Zechariah Sitchin. Is there any truth to these theories? Do we come from the stars? If so, where? What do ancient civilizations actually say about these subjects? There are so many questions to be answered, we’ll most likely end up turning this into a multi part series that we never finish, starting with Von Daniken, Sitchin, and some of the other OG AA authors. Enjoy, goys!

With: Johnny Monoxide, Bradshaw Wilson, Dogbot, Yakov Radomski

Music Break: Devour, by Vae Victis!

Creepypasta: Emergency Plan, read by Bradshaw Wilson

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