Astrotism and More: Midweek Pre Christmas Merriment: S5 EP46

AstroFash drops by on the night before the night before Christmas, amnd like Santa, he comes bearing gifts…er…content. This veritable whirling dervish of topica begins with:

The Grand Conjunction: The dawning of the Age of Aquarius or The Negro Singularity?
Monsanto relieves headache with Bayer
China, China, C H I N A
Anime makes you weak
How many degreed of separation for Tuckah and the pornstar!
Obligatory Glowyid-1984 posting
Aliens, Demons, Gays, and the Dali Llama?
The Monoxide Effect at Christmas: a gift for FTN

So, start up the fire, pour some egg nog, get /comfy/, and let’s gooooooooo! Merry Christmas, goys!

With: Johnny Monoxide, Dogbot, Jack The Intern

Music Break: Act On Instinct (Instrumental)

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