Freak and Gay: Glowing Hippies In Laurel Canyon: Part 2: S5 EP18

We’re going, going, back, back, to Cali, Cali. Laurel Canyon, to be specific. Home to not only the US military intelligence industrial complex’s very own, astroturfed “counterculture movement”, but also the US military entertainment complex’s headquarters: Lookout Mountain Labs. The very same place where (most likely) the Apollo “moon missions” were filmed was (allegedly) the mind control manipulation headquarters for the CIA’s MK ULTRA program and before that, home to literally thousands of films produced for the military, private corporations, and the public. Who was the “King of the Freaks”, to whom was he connected, and how did he pave the way for the Manson Family? Lots of ground to cover in this one, Johnny, Reinhardt, and Dogbot are joined by Kash Kustomer for another trip down Wonderland Avenue in Laurel Canyon, nestled in the suburbs of the City of Angels, Los Angeles California. So…tune in, turn on, get /comfy/, and let’s see how fake and gay the hippy movement really was.

Music Break: Talk Talk, by Music Machine

Creepypasta: Waking Up In Coffins, read by Jack Hoffmen

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