Goyishe Toy Stories From the Judean Side of the Moon: S5 EP24

t was a short week this week, goyim, so Johnny and Dogbot scrolled, clicked and dug around the furthest corners of the interwebs to get you more of that sweet, sweet content! Luckily, in the Summer of Hate 2020, content is as available as mazel tov cocktails, pedophiles, and felons with guns are at BLM’s “mostly peaceful protests”. From Pixar’s callback to Kubrick’s truth drops, to Kenosha Kommando Kyle possibly being a Karen, Kelly, or Kristi, to more proof that 9/11 was a massive fake and gay op, to Weimar conditions requiring Weimar solutions in Weimerika, we’ve got your thirst for alternative news and views covered. Enjoy, goys!

With: Johnny Monoxide, Dogbot

Music break: Truly One, by Origin Unknown

Creepypasta: Photoslash, read by Bradshaw Wilson

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