Hologram Deepfake Crisis Actor’s Guild: S5 EP30

Presidential Debate Conspiracy Candy: Blackeyed Contact Lens Kids
The Posthumous Blackening of Lovecraft: Hyppos Mad
Covid Kabuki Theater Inna Copter: Little Donnie’s Trip to Walter Reed
Regeneron Is Not An X-Men Arch Nemesis
Parkland AI Deepfake Agitprop: “Woke” Parents, “Dead” Kid
Tweets That Are Doing WelI
More Nefarious Netflix Drama: Cuties Was Just The Tip, Pepper Your Angus for Legit Tentacle Sex
Illuminati Demon Infested EGI Child Sacrifice

With: Johnny Monoxide, Dogbot, and Jack the Intern

Music Break: Headless Horseman, by RAW DEAL

Creepypasta: The Trap, read by Jack Hoffman

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