Human Centaurpede: S5 EP38

You asked for more content, the goys are gonna give it to ya! Welcome to the second inaugural mid week episode:

Covid is back, Thanksgiving and handshakes are cancelled, and masks and social distancing are forever
George Floyd makes it to Brazil and into the Shoah
Ritual Child Abuse Reality TV
You, it’s what’s for dinner
Laptop repair guy skips town, or did he?
Mysterious monoliths materialize, alien abstract art or PTB predictive programming?
Dinosaurs aren’t real
Paranormies vindicated again

With: Johnny Monoxide, Dogbot, Bradshaw Wilson, Reinhardt Von Krieger, and Jack the Intern

Music Break: Sometimes, by Blavatsky

Creepypasta: I Finally Took My Halloween Decorations Down, read by Bradshaw Wilson

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