Insane Asylums & Sanitariums S5 EP33

From Arkham (The Batman Universe), to Briar Ridge (The Green Mile), to Smith’s Grove Warren County Sanitarium (Halloween), to Eichen House (Teen Wolf), movies and other forms of entertainment have based their fictional mental institutions on real places. Real scary places like Danvers State Hospital, The Athens Mental Hospital, The Ladd School, The Buffalo State Asylum, and perhaps the most haunted place on earth, Waverly Hills Sanitorium. Bradshaw is back this week, joining the goys as they take a trip through American asylums, and they have questions. Who started this whole thing? What is a bat wing hospital? What is hydrotherapy? Who invented the lobotomy, why, and are they still being performed? Are there ties to alphabet organization secret studies and experiments: ie MKUltra? Why did they go away and do we still need them? Get /comfy/ and let’s find out!

With: Johnny Monoxide, Reinhardt Von Krieger, Dogbot, Bradshaw Wilson, and Jack the Intern

Music Break: Fritter (Stella’s Home), by Skinny Puppy

Creepypasta: Waking Nightmare, read by Jack Hoffmen

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