My Own Privatized North Dakota, More Paranormal America S5 EP12


Fake and gayops are habbening nationwide. “Organic” “protests” have sprung up after the dubious “murder” of Big George Floyd, rapper, porn star, and twin to an NBA star. Coincidences abound, riots ensue, and the goys have takes. After that, they take a trip to North Dakota for some more Paranormal America. Who’d have thought there would be a mermaid in the Dakotas? Bigfoot too? Yup. What about haunted places? Check. Get /comfy/ and let’s go road tripping again…after we do the bit on the rio…protests.
With: Johnny Monoxide, Reinhardt Von Krieger, Dogbot, Bradshaw Wilson, and Intern Jack

Music Break: Summer of Hate, by Chemlab

Creepypasta: Seeing Red, read by Bradshaw Wilson

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