The Lincoln “Assassination” S5 EP4

Quarantine causes content creation. Johnny, Reinhardt, Brad, and Jack the Intern tackle yet another historic conspiracy: Was Lincoln actually assassinated? There are so many red flags and suspicious circumstances surrounding this event that they had to take a deep dive into this. Who exactly was John Wilkes Booth? Was this a real event or yet another false flag event? What happened at that theater, or did anything happen at all? Kabbalistic numerology, dirty politics, crisis actors, fake death masks, guns, knives, drunks, and lying wives…what else could you ask for in a grand conspiracy? Put on your n95 mask, mix up some quarantinis, get /comfy/, and let’s see what your threshold is.

With: Johnny Monoxide, Bradshaw Wilson, Reinhart von Krieger

Music Break: Growing Stronger, by Xurious

Creepypasta: How To Scare Dad, read by Bradshaw Wilson

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