The N Word Part 1: No Neanderthal nut November: S5 EP37

Tim “Horus the Avenger” Murdock is back for yet another mind blowing episode. This time he’s here not for the A Word, but for The N Word. That’s right, Neanderthals. Prepare to forget everything you think you know about these “big brained, peaceful, inventors of both farming and civilization” and get ready to see these hominids in a whole new light, starting with Danny Vendramini’s book: Them and Us, and what he calls the Neanderthal Predation Theory. Were Neanderthals actually a violent, nocturnal predator? Did Neanderthals prey on other humans and did that affect human development? And if so, how? How then did Neanderthals “breed into” our Cro-Magnon DNA? Is DNA “testing” for Neanderthal “variants” a racial gayop? What genes do we get from Neanderthals? (and of course, there’s an (((Epstein))) involved with that). How do (((anthropologists))) reconstruct an entire species based on a pinky bone and one tooth? Also, Horus gives his take on the Covid-1984 plandemic, reaction, and vaccine…and all this is just hour 1, fam! Get /comfy/ and let’s get spoopy.

With: Johnny Monoxide, Dogbot, Reinhardt Von Krieger, Bradshaw Wilson, and Jack the Intern

Guest: Horus the Avenger

Music Break: Us and Them (Defensive Remix), by Godflesh

Creepypasta: Pug, read by Bradshaw Wilson

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