The N-Word Pt.2: Neanderthal Hybrid Theory: S5 EP39

The goys are back with the second installment in the Neanderthal series. First up, a little “Sloppy job Mossad”, followed by some Neanderthal news posting. Are those with more Neanderthal DNA more susceptible to the coof? Did Neanderthals invent JB Weld?

In the second hour (and a half), they are joined by Got Ancient Wisdom, a student of Stan Gooch, author of Total Man: An Evolutionary Theory of Personality (1972) Personality and Evolution: The Biology of the Divided Self (1973), and The Neanderthal Question (1977). Stan was the first to come to the theory that modern humans are a hybrid of Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon, and he’s not the only one. However, his theory comes from quite a different angle, and he was ostracized from academia by (((those who didn’t appreciate his theory))). Some questions brought to light, where did humans come from? Were the Neanderthals the aggressor or were the Cro-Magnon? How and when did this hybridization event take place? What did pair bonding and r/k selection have to do with it? Why are handshakes our heritage, and what does your chin say about your ancestry? Let’s get /comfy/ and find out!

With: Johnny Monoxide, Dogbot, Reinhardt Von Krieger, and Jack the Intern

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