The Trans Convergence Warp Speed Agenda with Scott Howard: S5 EP 45

Campfires, vaccines, nurses, and trannys…oh myyyyy!

The first hour, the gang kills time by going over the absolutely fake and gay “live vaccinations” of nurses, health care officials, and politicians on live TalmudVision.

In the second hour, Scott Howard joins Johnny and Dogbot for a discussion about his amazing new book from Antelope Hill Publishing, The Transgender Industrial Complex. From the beginnings in the 1400’s to the retcon of the Greeks and Romans, to the complete and total control of today’s agenda, the Trans Agenda marches on. (((Who))) are behind it, and how have they managed to pull this off? Tune in, get ?comfy/ and find out!

With: Johnny Monoxide, Dogbot, Reinhardt Von Krieger

Music Break: Gomorrah PD Vice Squad, by Storm King

Creepypasta, 6:05, read by Jack Hoffmen

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