The Worst Episode…So Far: S5 EP15

DB runs down some Tweeters, Brad shows up late for his day off, Yakov talks cryptozoology, Johnny got stung by a Cyclone of Bees, and Jack tries to take notes. After the chaos, the goys run down a few cryptids for your listening pleasure. Rougarous, banshees, sirens, goatmen, and a host of other creepy cryptids are on the menu this week. Enjoy, fam!

With: Johnny Monoxide, Dogbot, Bradshaw Wilson, Jack Hoffman, Yakov Radomski

Music Break: Hideaway, by Transitional

Commercial: Bill Marchant and Rudolf von Flugel

Johnny’s Twitter: Got shoah’d, press F

Dogbot’s Twitter: @dogbot5

Reinhardt’s Twitter: @HotelRazorGang

Brad’s Twitter: @ StoneClaw316

Jack’s Twitter: @JackTheIntern

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