A Clowncar Full of Nephilim: S6 EP 53
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Never to let a good unfinished topic go to waste, the gang decide to flesh out the “Nephilim looked like clowns” theory. A deeper dive into the psychedelic side of clowns and jesters, including the “mechanical elves” Are they real entities, is it all “just the drugs” or are they really just disembodied demonic spirits, forever stuck in a multiple 2 dimensional fractal existence, pretending to be jesters? When did it become customary for clowns to visit sick children? Why the red nose and what’s with that hair? Why do so many ancient cultures have stories about the same entities as modern DMT users have seen in their psychedelic experiences? Let’s all pile into this here clowncar and find out!

With: Johnny Monoxide, Reinhardt, Dogbot

Music Break: Carousel, by Mr. Bungle

Creepypasta: Astonishment, read by Reinhardt

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