& The Bill of Birthrights: S6 EP 3

Season 6 continues with more possible fake and gay habbenings, silver shorts and stonk memes did not crash the market, alphabet orgs do ackshual terrorism on ackshual Americans. In the second half and a half, the goys get into the “modern-day Indiana Jones” Timothy Alberino’s book, Birthright. Almost 10 years in the making, Alberino covers a very interesting biblical narrative covering the creation of mankind, their connection to angels, and how they have squandered their God-given birthright. Are aliens demons? Is the Big Bang Theory a narrative that can coexist within the biblical narrative? Do aliens pilot “craft”? How do the Nephilim breeding programs and transhumanism fit in here? Lots of otherworldly content to consoom, get /comfy/ fam. If it’s the weekend, it’s the Paranormies!

With: Johnny Monoxide, Reinhardt Von Krieger, Dogbot, Jack The Intern

Music Break: Posthuman, by JK Flesh

Creepypasta: My Daughter Learned To Count, read by Bradshaw Wilson

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