Behold A Pale Horse Thief: Bill Cooper & BAPH: S6 EP21

Johnny, Dogbot, and Reinhardt discuss one of the most influential, most important, and most widely read books, Behold A Pale Hose, by Milton William “Bill” Cooper, the “Godfather of Conspiracy”. This book is likely responsible for the “big name conspiracy personality” phenomenon, us included. Would we even HAVE an Alex Jones, had Bill not exposed and written about the Bilderburg Group? Would we even know who the “Illuminati” are without this book? Words like “sheeple” and “New World Order” come straight off the pages of this incredible book, along with TONS of information on the formation of several secret governmental and non governmental bodies that “secretly run the world”. Get /comfy/ and let’s go back to 1991, with Bill Cooper and Behold A Pale Horse!

With: Johnny Monoxide, Dogbot, Reinhardt Von Krieger

Music Break: Illisit, by Skinny Puppy

Creepypasta: No pasta this week, sry fam

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