Catacombs and Ossuaries: S6 EP41

Catacombs. Dark, scary, somehow religious, underground places of storage of bones. Bones perfectly cleaned, preserved, and stacked in strange and clearly occult patterns. Why? Who built these? How were they built? Were these dug out and then built underground or were they originally above ground, pre “mud flood”? Where in any religious (or any other for that matter) text is it written to do this? Who would actually store food and ice (official narratives as to their original uses) in these places? What is an ossuary and why are these alleged religious places of bone storage adorned in such an obviously satanic looking fashion? Get /comfy/ and let’s take a spoopy tour around the realm as the guys try and shed some light and bring you a little look into the dark and foreboding world of catacombs and ossuaries.

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With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, Jack

Music Break: Son of Nitrous, by Bad Company & Trace

Creepypasta: Silver Linings, read by Reinhardt Von Krieger

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