Crystal Tree Scrapyard: S6 EP45

The gang have watched the videos, they have looked at the photographic evidence, they have read the articles, and they have debated in the chatrooms. Now they bring you their take on what was once considered a taboo subject, a bridge too far, something so “schizo”, so far out there, it was just too much, even for the Paranormies. That’s right, we’re talking about the Crystal Trees and the Silicon Age. Are mesas, plateaus, and places like Devil’s Tower actually stumps of enormous crystal trees? What exactly is Giant’s Causeway? Was the Grand Canyon really just the work of millions of years of erosion, or is it simply the remains of a quarry? Is Wave Rock in Australia a natural rock formation or evidence of giant machines and mining operations? Are volcanoes just piles of mining waste with materials chemically reacting inside? What the hell really happened to the ocean’s floors? Let’s get /comfy/ and take a walk with us amongst the ancient silica giants.

Pics posted here:

Russian Article referenced:

With: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot

Music Break: Like Leaves, by Iratus Vir

Creepypasta: Keeping Peace With the Fair Folk, read by Reinhardt

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