Do Google Drones Dream of Vaccine Envy: S6 EP12

This week’s dose of The Nationalist Enquirer is an experimental vaccine of information. Beware, your insurance may not cover any damage from these vaccines. Listen at your own risk!

Fauci ouchies and their deadly effects
Insurance is a scam? Always has been…
Alex Jones goes Rogan on street shitters and jews
Loaded questions, empty jury box
Bill Gates, evil technocratic bad guy or just a nerd?
Google is the Cookie Monster and Big Brother was just the beginning
Welsh flying tanker ships are superior
Have we started the Rise of the Planet of the Apes?

All this and more, so get /comfy/ and let’s GOOOOOOOOOOOO


With: Johnny Monoxide, Reinhardt Von Krieger, Jack The Intern

Music Break: Einsey, by Grima

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