Friday Night At the Shoe & Leather Pavilion: World’s Fairs, Lost Cities, or New Artificial Historical Narrative?: S6 EP27

After the Bloomberg “Tartaria/Q-Anon” article earlier in the week, the guys decide to have a conversation about one of the things that sent them down the alternative/hidden/stolen history rabbit hole: The World’s Fairs. What were they? Why did they build them in the style they did? Did horse and buggy people really build everything in the timeline presented and in the way they said they were and with the methods and material available at the time? We posit that the narrative may in fact, be a complete lie. Get /comfy/ and come with us for a walk down the Midway past the Agricultural Palace, the Incubator Babies, the Human Zoos, and the Electric Monorail to the Shoe and Leather Pavilion.

With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt

Music Break: Melee, by Russian Circles

Creepypasta: Stop, read by Jack

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