Impossible Architecture: Radium Slonked Starforts: S6 EP43

This week, the gang is joined by Alt Skull for a little look at some of Ewaranon’s video content. More impossible architecture and antiqiutech comes your way with a dive into the sound and water frequencies associated with energy production structures like Cathedrals and Star Forts. Cymatics are found all over nature, did the builders of these structures use them when designing them? What are cymatics anyway? How does frequency affect us and the world around us? Then, in the second hour, the gang take a look at nuclear power, radiation, and radium. In doing so, they take apart another “useful idiot” of the Beast System. Marie Curie is F&G. Get /comfy/ and listen up!

Pics posted here:

With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, Jack

Guest: Alt Skull. He can be found here:

Music Break: A picture of a picture of a picture of a sock, by Painted Worlds

Creepypasta: It’s Just A Costume, read by Reinhardt

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