Orphan Trains, Foundlings, Infantoriums, & Land Grabs: The Reset Theory Continues: S6 EP38

The guys delve back into the Reset Theory with a look at Orphan Trains, Foundlings, Infantoriums, and Land Grabs. What exactly is an orphan? Where did these tens of thousands of children come from? Why the need for dedicated rail lines and trains specifically for these orphans? What the heck is an incubator baby and why were they amusement park attractions? Why such grandiose buildings for these orphanages? Why was there such a need for child labor? Later on, they go over the official narrative of the weirdness that were the “Land Grabs”, a free lottery type system of land distribution. All aboard, let’s get /comfy/ on the orphan train!

Pics posted here:

With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, Jack

Music Break: Loose Caboose (Bassbin Twins Remix), by Electroliners

Creepypasta: Did You Hear That?, read by Jack

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