Tartarian Airships: The Final Solution to the ZQ: S6 EP19

Dogbot is off on a Paranormies On Location Adventure TM, checking out the Georgia Guidestones. In the meantime, Johnny, Reinhardt, and Jack are joined once again by Alt Skull, this time for a discussion on an (allegedly) dangerous and outdated mode of transportation: the dirigible and the zeppelin; aka the airship. Were they modern inventions of the late 1800’s or were they a holdover from the Tartarian Empire? Were they practically useless, barely controllable bags of air, or were they technologically advanced, universally utilized, and thoroughly capable methods of transporting both people and goods to and from literally anywhere? Were they taken from us because they could expose the true nature of the Earth? Was the Hindenburg incident a false flag staged by the controllers of this reality intended to destroy the airship industry and usher in the age of petroleum? Get /kampfy/ and let’s go for a ride in a Tartarian Airship!

With: Johnny Monoxide, Reinhardt Von Krieger, Alt Skull, and Jack the Intern

Music Break: Burial Waters, by Torchbearer

Creepypasta: I Hate It When My Brother Charlie Has to Go Away, read by Reinhardt Von Krieger

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