The Great Reset & More With Jonathan McCormack: S6 EP1

The goys start off Season 6 with a guest: Jonathan McCormack, writer, artist, conspiracy theory enthusiast, and a huge fan of spoop in general. He has written about angels, aliens, and demons, nephilim, djinn, and other extra “something” entities, psychic and supernatural connections of humans to the universe, and most recently, The Great Reset and Klaus Schwab. How does nanotechnology play into their transhumanist agenda and who exactly is behind it? How does technology replace religion? How virtual do these people want to take society, and how much wealth is in unhealthy tech? Get /comfy/ and get ready for a new season of spoop!

With: Johnny Monoxide, Reinhardt Von Krieger, Jack The Intern

Guest: Jonathan McCormack, check him out here:

Music Break: Hello/At the Maw of the Black Mountain, by Storm King

Creepypasta: Dancind Down An Indian Hallway In Darkness, read by Bradshaw Wilson

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