The Hermeneutics of Mistranlated Griftology: The AAQ Pt. 3: S6 EP78
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The guys talk about the Ancient Alien Question again, but this time, there are the new lenses of hidden history and Tartaria through which to view it. Did Ancient Aliens Debunked get everything “right” 11 years ago? Did the AA cast fabricate litetally all of the information they used for the series? Will there be more childhood fantasies and dreams destroyed? Did buildings really fly? Whether accidental or intentional, all the mistranslations, misunderstood texts, and pieces of outright fabrication and misinformation exist. So, let’s get /comfy/ and find out who gets what right and what might have really happened in the (possibly not so) ancient past!

With: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and Jack

Break Music: Damn The Sky, by BeastWars

Creepypasta: George Floyd Was My Sleep Paralysis Demon, read by Reinhardt Von Krieger


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