The Nationalist Enquirer: Gay Aliens Nuked My Food: S6 EP32

The Nationalist Enquirer: Astro joins Johnny and Jack for another autistically charged tour de force around the world of conspiratorial news, strange current events, spoopy entertainment and more, in the way that only these goys can.

Nukes & N’s
Bye Bye Bibi? Blah Blah Blah
Meat’s On the Menu (but for how long?)
Blackrock Buys Into Big Beef
The Wu Flu Review: Bird Flu, now with real birds!
Bad Winter + Cold Spring = Crop Crisis?
Gayop: Detected, Operative: Removed, Paranormies (& friends): Vindicated Yet Again

With: Johnny Monoxide, Jack the Intern, Astrofash

Music Break: Spaceship Broken, Parts needed, by Pelican

Tales From The Necronormiecon: Adversus Judaeos, read by Jack the Intern

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