The Nationalist Enquirer: Insurrectional Racism: S6 EP46

This Week’s Nationalist Enquirer: Astrofash joins the gang for current events, sports, science, bankrupt jews, and more!

Team Diversity…err…USA taking L’s
Olympic masonic ritual…err…opening ceremonies
McAfee’s DMS…it’s not DMT
Weinstein doing a Cosby doing a Capone
Biden and black mental patients
Flyfishing showdown, CIA Style
N’s posting L’s, Capitol style
Lone Skum (because of course)
Big Pharma Bankruptcy

With: Johnny, Dogbot, Astrofash, and Jack

Music Break: Submitting To Detriment, by Modifidous

Tales From The Necronormiecon: John 8:37-44: Christ’s Speech to the Pharisees, read by Jack

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