The Nationalist Enquirer: Mohammadea’s MK Ultra Down Low: S6 EP18

Hot off the presses, it’s another Nationalist Enquirer! Johnny, Reinhardt, DB, and Jack have another full stack tonight! First up, an update on the Satan shoes and the “people” behind them. Then, the cast of Friends are down with the Devil, some Sepehr simping, Masonic temples get extra illuminated, Live from Minneapolis: It’s the Chauvin Show, followed by vaccine passports, spoopy covid Mogellon worms, Lone Skum does the bit again, and covid vaccines will make your skin crawl…completely off your body! Get/comfy/ and let’s see what’s going down on this edition of The Nationalist Enquirer!

With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, Jack

Music Break: Demon Serpent, by Lair of the Minotaur

Tales From The Necronormiecon: For My Legionnaires, by Corneliu Codreanu, read by Jack


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