The Nationalist Enquirer: The Entanglement of Some Water Bear: S6 EP86
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If it’s Wednesday, it’s time for The Nationalist Enquirer!

This Week:

Indestructible bears entangled quantumly
Lone Skum Does Babylon
Robert Sepehr is a Jew
Sun Your Probe In the Corona
Gay Cop From Gayop Goes Hollywood
Ray Epps, Fed
3rd Vaxx is the Charm?
Dr. Evil’s Totally Not Evil Clock

With: Johnny, Astro, Dogbot, Reinhardt, and Jack

Break Music: Fight or Flight, Black Winter 1, The March, by VulgaR
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Tales From The Necronormiecon: Raw Milk At Spellbinders Surf Shop, from Gothic Violence, by Mike Ma, read by Jack Hoffmen

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