Food Fights, or How the WEF Reset the Table: S7 EP31

  • General Mills takes fire from general food shortage.
  • Corn Bombs, Bird Flu, and Mosquito terrorism.
  • The war on your food supply is on!
  • The ouroboros is the answer with cannibalism?
  • Shortages and empty shelves.
  • Your social credit score will keep you fed.
  • Discounts on purchases for proof of vaccination.
  • Self sufficiency and you: How to not starve to death in the next great depression.
  • Self sustain to sustain. Gardens, Fish Hooks, and Farms.

Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, and Grognak

Break Music: Conspiracy Music Guru – No Amount of Evidence (Will Ever Convince an Idiot)

Creepypasta: Mountains of Wax, written by Grognak, read by Reinhardt

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