The Nationalist Enquirer: The Junior Kennedy Detective League: S7:EP04

If it’s the middle of the week, it’s time for The Nationalist Enquirer!

This Week:

>Science: What do Scottish Supercomputers, Chinese butt swabs, and centipedes have in common?
>Covid is totally going away
>monkeyshines => outbreak => contagion => wwz?
>do glowbois dream of gayopped sheeple
>entertainment: FJB, woke Tolkien, and troons in tights
>sports: more troons, and also less troons, but also more as well
>space: still fake and gay

With: Johnny, Reinhardt, and Grognak the (possible) intern

Break Music: Television Watching News Believer, Comspiracy Music Guru

Tales From The Necronormiecon: The Beginnings of Legionary Life, by Corneliu Codreanu, read by Reinhardt Von Krieger

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