Ancient Civilizations Pt.1: The Sphinx S3 E27

This week, the goys dive into that deep subject that is ancient civilizations, starting with ancient Egypt. Specifically, the Great Sphinx on the Giza plateau. Who built it? Why was it built? How old is it really? You may think you know the answers, as do all the “great” Egyptologists, but, as you’ll find out…reality is sometimes much different than what we’ve been taught. Tune in and find out what the REAL great mystery of the Sphinx is! Also, Art Bell passed on last week, to that great late night radio show in the sky. Truly one of the greats. Press F to pay respects.


With: Johnny Monoxide, Scott Taylor, and Zev

Music Break: Scum From New Youk Times, By Byron de la Vandal and Paddy Tarelton

Creepypasta: Red Wristbands , Read by: Bradshaw Wilson

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