JIM FETZER (yes, seriously! for real!) – The Paranormies Present: The Ahnenerbe Hour S3E9

This week on the Paranormies we are joined by our long time friend Dr. James Fetzer! Yes, for real, literally Jim Fetzer. We talk about all kinds of conspiracy theories, such as S*ndy Ho*x, 9/11, the Vegas shooting, JFK, and even Charlottseville! We really hit the ground running on this episode, it is aboslutely jam packed with red pills on just about everything you could think of. Were there multiple shooters assassinating JFK (even six shooters?) What happened at Charlottseville? Was there a shooting in Las Vegas? Find out the answer to these questions and more on tonight’s episode of The Ahnenerbe Hour. Stay woke out there goys.

Check out Jim Fetzer and Ole Dommegard live streaming a discussion about Las Vegas at this Sunday (November 5th, 2017) at lightonconspiracies.com

Featuring: Johnny Monoxide, Scott Taylor, Adam Haidt, Jim Fetzer!

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