METABOLIC SYNDROME – The Paranormies Present: The Ahnenerbe Hour S3E18

DISCLAIMER: The Paranormies are not medical doctors and this episode should not be taken as prescribed advice from a doctor. We are professional memeologists, not physicians.

Tonight, we at the Paranormies are touching on a fairly serious topic: cancer (and other diseases), what can be done about them, and what we’re not being told. Is cancer really a genetic disease? We explore the metabolic theory – the theory of cancer which looks at it as a metabolic problem in the mitochondria (the powerhosue of the cell), not a genetic problem in the nucleus. Otto Warburg was the pioneer of this theory, and his work was buried after the discovery of the structure of DNA and the explosion of genetics research in the field of biology. What are its implications? What was covered up? What do we know now? We also talk about various other diseases that may actually be related to diet and metabolism as well (heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, etc). Listen in and find out more on tonight’s episode of the Ahnenerbe Hour.

Featuring: Johnny Monoxide, Scott Taylor, Adam Haidt, guest Musonius Rufus

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