Scott’s Ghostly Encounter, Clipperton Island, and Haunted Lighthouses -S3 E26

Tonight we finally get to find out what really happened with Scott and that ghost. How did he prepare for it? What methods did he use? Was it a successful removal? In the second hour, the guys look into the creepy story of a small island in the Pacific, known as Clipperton Island, and it’s colonization by more than just those little red crabs, which then takes us into the topic of haunted lighthouses. Why are they so haunted? What makes them nearly perfect vessels for the paranormal? Hang out and find out, tonight, on The Paranormies.

With: Johnny Monoxide, Scott Taylor, and Zev

Music Break: Terrormachine, by: Combat 18

Creepypasta: A Question of Faith , Read by: Bradshaw Wilson

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