The Q Angle: Trust The Trans S5 EP10

They warned you. Here it is. We’ve all heard the theories about Michelle Obama being a man, right? Well. that’s just the tip of this gigantic penis…er…iceberg. Almost every “hot chick” on tv, in the music industry, in movies, media, and politics is…well…was, a dude. The “Trans Agenda” is everywhere, and it’s brought to you by evil, satanic, pedophile Jews. How far back does this go? How many layers of degeneracy and degradation have we been exposed to? What exactly is going on and how do they do it? Is Gal Gadot really Gal GaDUDE? Is the little girl (who is really a boy) from Stranger things being groomed by Drake? What did Chris Pratt about J-Law that left people’s jaw hanging? The goys delve into the deep, dark world of the secretly transgendered, from hormones to facial feminization surgeries to genital removal and reconstruction. It is a very disturbing subject, so get as /comfy/ as possible, hang onto your lunch, prepare to get mad, and let’s see what else is (extremely) fake and (very literally) gay.

With: Johnny Monoxide, Reinhardt Von Krieger, Dogbot, Jack Hoffman

Music Break: State Enforced Homosexuality, by Storm King

Creepypasta: Everyone Should Try Therapy, read by Bradshaw Wilson

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